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FREE Spring Cleaning Calendar for April

April is quickly approaching and you know what that means.... SPRING CLEANING time! Not only is Spring Cleaning a good way to reset your home for the year, but it's a great way to reset your mind, too!

I hate cleaning. Actually, I have a hate-love relationship with cleaning. It makes me feel SO good to have a

clean house, BUT gosh... it takes FOREVER and not to mention, I can never focus on what needs to be done. I'll be cleaning the dishes in the sink, look over to the right into the living room and notice dirty clothes- and then pick up the dirty clothes and notice the floor needs to be mopped. I'll get out the Swiffer, and then notice the pantry looks a mess. I'll start cleaning the pantry and see that the chips are opened and the cereal is out of date. Well, you get the picture here.

As Realtors, Josh and I walk through houses day in and day out- and the truth is, if your house is CLEAN (not just picked up) but sparkling clean, it really lets the buyer know that you take pride in owning your home and you have taken care of it. The MOST important things to keep clean, (in my opinion) that you may forget about are:

Air Filters, Light Switches, Walls (free of fingerprints and boogers if you have a toddler like we do), bathroom baseboards, refrigerators and doors. Doors and light switches can get so nasty!

I have compiled an April calendar of Spring Cleaning activities for you, well.... and for me, too! By the end of the month of April, your home should be completely reset and sparkling! If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, this is a great list to use while preparing for that.

Happy Cleaning!

Your Favorite Realtor,


Spring Cleaning Calendar
Download PDF • 66KB

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