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Confidence in Selling

The housing market is changing. Not for the worse, but we are going back to the “pre-Covid” type of market in our specific area. In the last 2-3 years, you could pretty much put your home on the MLS and have it sold within a couple of days; now, it may take a month or two depending on the location and price. This is NOT bad. Sellers are actually having time to find suitable housing for them and not be so rushed, and buyers are now gaining more leverage in the transaction as well. Also, remember (as a buyer)- you marry the price of the home NOT the rate.

I recently spoke to a prospective Seller who was adamant and in somewhat of a hurry about getting their home on the market. Long story, short- I quoted the Seller our commission fees- and what it all included and how we would go about marketing the property. The Seller ended up with choosing another Realtor (which is completely fine) PRIMARILY based on a lower commission fee the other Realtor had offered him.

I get it. You want to save money! Everyone wants to save money. I want to save money, too. BUT, we all know, you pay to get good service: experience, attention, creativity, etc.

The property ended up going LIVE on MLS- with photos that weren’t even photos of this particular property. Well, maybe it was like 10 years ago or from a previous listing.

There were maybe 2 sentences of remarks about the subdivision, a plat map and absolutely no new or clear photos.

The listing STILL sits on the market.

I am certainly NOT bashing the other Realtor- we’ve been doing this long enough to know that you win some and you lose some AND we all do things differently.

I simply want to educate you on the importance of who you hire for your type of property. There is a sense of creativity in “Realtor-ing” in this kind of market. We are back to where you have to put in every effort to make sure you are on top of your game, and you’ve done your best work in every listing you have. As a Realtor, you are hired to make the property stand out and SHINE. Photos on your phone are not going to get it done in this market. If you are a prospective Seller, and you are interested in what we offer in our listing package, please call us or send us a message! We will work for you, make it SHINE and get it SOLD.

Your Realtor,

Brittany Grigsby

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