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Ancient Lore Village

Yesterday we were able to experience Ancient Lore Village in Knoxville for the first time! The village is based upon a book the founder/owner wrote called Bokee’s Trek (you can find this book on their website). In the book, Bokee discovers that no matter the differences, the other characters and him can all live in peace, joy and harmony- a place they call Ancient Lore Village.

Each cottage has a different name and a story behind it, along with the amazing, unique decor. We were lucky enough to get to walk through Bokee’s Bungalow, the Gremlin Dens and the Orc Home. The remaining cottages were occupied.

Bokee’s Bungalow is the largest of the cottages, offering 2 levels and 1,600 square feet. Upon entering, you walk through these beautiful curved walls into a beautiful room with soaring ceilings and a floor to ceiling stone fireplace. The dinner area was curved as you can see in the photo, with a wood table and beautiful wood pews. The curvature in the walls in the dinner area allows for all members of the table to hear all conversation happening. The copper sink and built in refrigerator was cool as well, and flowed in so nicely with the living room. The main bedroom was so cozy and the linens were FLUFFY and soft. I wanted to just lay down and sleep. The upstairs had a bridge-like walk way to the set of bunk beds. The sitting area had a ton of board game options. Every detail of the cottage was amazing.

Gremlin Dens are actually two separate rooms (400 square ft each), with a door dividing the two. Again, super cozy. My favorite of course, was the stone fireplace. The room was all open and the stone tile on the bathroom floor was unlike I have ever seen!

The Orc Home contains oversized furniture, I guess because Orcs are LARGE. (haha)

Again, super unique, all open floor plan. The kitchenette area had everything you could want- and ahhhhh that copper beautiful mini sink.

There are no TVs or anything in the cottages, because you are there to disconnect and recharge! Trust me, there are PLENTY of things to do.

Oh yeah........There are many activities you can do while you are there- whether you are staying the night or just coming there for the day. We reserved a 1:30pm slot for the archery. They have axe throwing as well, a golf challenge, a fire pit with smores, beanbag toss, hiking trails and MORE. We spoke with Mikayla there on staff, which she was PHENOMENAL. She spoke of all of the future additions (possibly some tree houses) and other COOL plans for the Ancient Lore Village. It has only been up and running for almost 2 years, and they are becoming more and more popular with parties, date nights and weddings. She also said their grounds and garden lady is amazing! So, I can't wait to check it out when the flowers start blooming!

Check out their website and check out their upcoming events. I do know that they are continuing their Valentine's Day dinners until next week. I saw the set up for everything, an y'all..... it's gorgeous!

We will defintely be back. It was perfect for a short day date- but after seeing the little cottages- we are seriously thinking of staying a night or two as a small get away. Also, if you are out of state and looking for a unique place to stay, don't hesitate to book something here.

Click HERE to visit the Anicent Lore Village website.

As always, if you need anything REAL ESTATE related or have any questions, give us a call.

-Brittany Grigsby

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